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Where To Start Your Landscaping Design

Buying a home can be a thrilling experience, along with the freedom of renovating to bring your dream home to life including a stunning landscaping design. After a long day, you look forward to finally being back in your own home, but the walk from the street to your front door through your bare, bleak yard has left you uninspired. Well, Waterwise Landscaping is here to inspire you every time you walk out the door. 

Undertaking a landscaping project is an important investment in your residential property, but can be a challenge to know where to start your landscaping design. All you need is a vision, and the help of a reliable residential landscaping company, to watch your outdoor space evolve into something unique and beautiful. The professionals at Waterwise Landscaping will cover all landscaping aspects including design, execution and maintenance and will make the process a whole lot easier for you. But knowing what you want and need is the first step along with these other priorities that you should take into account. 

Wants and Needs

It’s crucial to plan and design before you start your landscaping design so you and your landscaper have a guide to work from. Your first step is deciding why you’re choosing to start this landscaping project. Do you want a retreat to unwind? A safe and fun space for the kids to play? Maybe an entertainer’s backyard to enjoy with friends and family? Start by listing what you want and don’t be afraid of drawing out your vision and noting all hardscape elements. Even if your drawing skills pass for 5 year old, the right professional landscaper will understand your vision and be able to turn your rough sketch into your dream yard. The experts at Waterwise Landscaping have been implementing their designs, ideas and trends to homes in Perth since 2007 and can help with even the initial steps of planning and design. 


The location of your yard will tell you what features will and won’t work in your space. Does your yard get a lot of sunlight? Is the sun more direct in the mornings or evenings? If you want to build a deck or outdoor seating area, you won’t want to be sitting directly under the afternoon sun on a hot day. If you have ideas for a vegetable garden or a fire pit, weather conditions will also affect how practical and successful these elements will be. 

Also, consider the physical location and the climate of Perth year-round to understand what structures and greenery to utilise. The professionals at Waterwise landscaping have experience with residential landscaping in Perth and understand the restrictions and limitations of Perth’s climate and will create sustainable and eco-friendly landscapes that will not only survive, but thrive. 

Scale and spatial flow

You have options with variations of sizes, colours and shapes that can be highlighted through plants, trees, hardscaping and paths, and what you choose will impact the overall curbside appeal and appearance of your home. A good rule of thumb is to use taller elements like tall trees and pergolas in flat yards with taller houses, vice versa. 

In design, there is a concept called ‘human scale’. People don’t want to feel open and exposed in their own homes, so the enclosed space rule creates a comfortable, safe space. You can achieve this by using decorative panels, shade sails, a pergola, or even fairy lights, to partially close an open space.

Thoughtfully designed elements will allow your space to flow naturally and will increase the appeal and value of your home. Our expert landscape designers have tips and tricks on how to create a flowing theme in your outdoor living spaces. 

Let your vision and design evolve naturally

Be open to change and be willing to compromise on things that will and won’t work for your space. As you start to see your vision come together and imagine using the space, you might notice certain areas aren’t practical or will end up feeling too cramped. Start small and let your vision grow. You can always add and change plants and decorative elements towards the end of the process, but it’ll be more difficult to move or add in a brick walkway once everything else is established. 

Once you have a solid vision and a plan, the next step is contacting your landscaper to start your project. Established as one of the leading landscaping companies in Perth, Waterwise Landscaping has expertise in new builds and large-scale renovations and will take all the stress and confusion out knowing where to start your landscaping design.