Q: Do you have any warranties on products or plants you install?

Yes we do. We stand by our work and the products we use.

  • All of our pop-up sprinklers, controllers and solenoid valves carry a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • All of our landscaping work is backed by a 24 month warranty on workmanship.
  • We provide a 3 month replacement warranty on plants.
  • We provide a 3 month replacement warranty on turf and weed infestation.

Q: Do you use your own staff or do you hire sub-contractors?

All work is carried out by our skilled, fully qualified in-house staff, who take absolute pride in what they create. We don’t use sub-contractors to complete any work.

Q: Where do you source your plants and turf?

All plants and turf are sourced from the highest level plant producers in Perth, and we select the finest quality products they have to offer.

Q: What services do you offer?

We offer so many services, and can project manage the entire process. We can design and construct anything you can dream of:

  1. Landscape design for existing and new homes
  2. Landscape construction
  3. Planting
  4. Mulching
  5. Paving
  6. Decking
  7. Patio
  8. Turf/artificial turf installation
  9. Irrigation

Q: What is your landscaping design and construction process?

We like to keep our process simple and effective.

  1. Send us your house site plan or even send us your address.
  2. We will use NearMaps satellite software to measure your property to scale.
  3. We provide you with a no-hidden-cost, fixed-price quote. If you have been given a quote by our competitors which is cheaper than us, we’ll match it and beat it.
  4. We design to your budget. What we quote is what you pay. All components of the landscaping conform to Australian industry standards and regulations.
  5. We carry out all on-site work professionally and on deadline, leaving your property looking beautiful and feeling revitalised.

Q: Will my new landscape be successful if installed in summer?

Most definitely. As long as an efficient irrigation system is installed at the same time. Water is the most critical part of any landscape. Warm weather is the second most important element as it helps everything grow.

Q: I had a new Rainbird irrigation controller fitted and it is coming on at unusual times. What is the problem?

99% of the time the controller is fine. It may be that you have programmed more than one start time into the controller or you have multiple programs scheduled.

Q: When my irrigation system comes on there is no pressure. What should I do?

Find the reticulation connection to the water mains. You will find a solenoid valve that has isolated the system from the mains. The valve has failed internally and is not opening fully. We recommend hiring an expert to replace it. If you have a bore, the pump or bore needs to be fixed by an expert.

Q: My turf has large dead and yellow areas in summer but remains lovely and green in winter. What can I do?

99% of the time your irrigation system is not watering efficiently or effectively. These areas indicate a lack of water is reaching your grass. You need to correctly space the sprinklers and ensure the pressure is correct for each station. Fixing these things will make your grass greener in summer.

Q: How do I keep my turf looking good?

Lightly applying fertiliser every six weeks will keep your new lawn lush, green and healthy. We stock a full range of fertiliser and our friendly staff can advise you on the fertiliser to suit your needs. We recommend Premium Lawn Fertiliser.

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