Banksia attenuata Marg

The Benefits of Installing Native Plants in Your Residential Landscape in Perth

If you’re thinking of converting your garden or verge to a haven of native plants, you are not alone. In-the-know landscapers have been preaching the benefits of native flora for eons, and homeowners are catching on to the many aesthetic and practical advantages of planting local grasses, flowers, and succulents.

Those who ‘give up’ on their outdoor space often blame the high level of maintenance required. Choosing a native verge or yard not only uses less water, but the minimal upkeep is a fantastic advantage for busy lives. 

Discover the many benefits of installing native plants and how experts in residential landscaping can create the beautiful biodiverse garden of your dreams.

The advantages of choosing native plants

When conjuring up your ideal outdoor area it can be tempting to focus solely on visual appeal. Native plants offer unlimited creative opportunities, with a vast range of colours, shapes, textures, smells, and flowering types to choose from. Whether you love a tropical feel or a Mediterranean style, the possibilities are endless. 

The primary reason native plants will flourish is their suitability to the Western Australian climate, soil type, and intense sunshine. As providers of professional residential landscaping services will tell you, this means less watering (and lower water bills!) as well as a sustainable, drought-tolerant plant life that needs little maintenance. 

Common types of aesthetic native vegetation

Opting for an eco-friendly native backyard, verge, or front garden does not mean forgoing decorative plants – quite the opposite! There are many aesthetic native plants perfectly designed to withstand the climate in Perth, making eco-friendly residential landscaping a cinch. 

Eucalyptus foecunda

Adding a tree to your yard creates a beautiful feel, with native varieties like eucalyptus improving biological diversity while bringing an inviting smell. 


Eye-catching bottlebrushes like the stunning red Callistemon Kings Park Special attracts plenty of native birds and wildlife. 

Candlestick Banksia

Banksia are great for the hot Perth weather, thanks to a love of full sun and coastal soil conditions. The striking long yellow flower is both hardy and beautiful to look at. 

Native Fuschia

The Correa Federation Bell has stunning bell-shaped fuchsia-like flowers that cover this small- to a medium-sized shrub that’s well-equipped to survive harsh drought conditions. 

Coastal Wattle 

Perth is home to many stunning types of wattle plants, and the ‘Acacia lasiocarpa’ AKA Coastal Wattle is a hardy shrub perfect as an evergreen groundcover, with beautiful fluffy yellow flowers in Winter bringing a welcome pop of colour. 

Benefits of hiring Perth residential landscaping services

Installing the right native plant life for your garden takes niche knowledge of WA’s climate, soil types, and biodiversity. Working with an eco-friendly residential landscaping company in Perth is a long-term investment when planting a native verge or yard, with specific insight into creating a diverse, water-efficient outdoor space.

Hiring specialists in Western Australian flora at Waterwise means accessing professional advice and customised guidance on the best native plants for your needs and budget. 

Eco-friendly residential landscaping with Waterwise

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