residential landscaping design

Prepare your backyard for summer

The sun is shining, the air is warm, the garden is…DEAD? If you’re waiting for the hot summer months to start maintaining your landscaping, it might be too late. Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to finally donating that box of clothes to goodwill, or sorting through the dreaded receipt draw. Spring is the ideal time to start thinking about your residential landscaping to give your lawn and garden the best chance of blooming and thriving during the hot, dry Perth summers. 

Being water-wise and conscious of the environmentally and eco-friendly landscape options can sometimes be too daunting to consider without the right help. As Perth’s leading landscaping company, you can help your yard reach its full potential and enjoy a perfectly curated backyard. 

Inspect your trees and shrubs 

The most satisfying part of spring maintenance is trimming those dead and damaged branches to make way for new, healthy growth. Thoroughly look over your garden and remove and trim any branches that are unattractive or broken. Keep an eye out for pests while you’re doing this and use an appropriate pesticide to stop further damage. 

Test your soil

To make sure you are choosing the most sustainable greenery in your backyard, it is important to know your soil type, which ranges from a hard clay, to a loose sandy soil. You can purchase a simple test kit or ask a professional residential landscaping company to test the pH and nutrient requirements to get a more comprehensive understanding of your soils needs.

Lawn care and maintenance for residential landscaping


Depending on soil type, soil can become compacted due to frequent use, or simply because of the clay base. Using an aeration tool, or manually using your garden fork, loosen the soil to give your lawns roots ample room to grow. 

Fertilising and weed removal

You can use a layer of compost or mulch to fertilise your lawn, or alternatively purchase a chemical fertiliser. Fortunately, for those of us that have the opposite of a green thumb, fertilising and killing weeds can conveniently be done at the same time. Many commercial lawn feeds will also kill weeds and promote the grass to take over the bald spots as the weeds die. 

Be cautious If you choose this route and find out what kind of grass you have to find the right product as many herbicides are not suitable for Buffalo grass. 

Mowing your lawn

Once the weeds are gone and your soil has soaked up all that good stuff, it’s time to mow. It’s important to use weed killers before mowing to allow the chemicals to come in contact with and penetrate the root. 

Check your mower blades and replace them if they are blunt or dull to avoid damaging the lawn. 

Consult with an expert residential landscaping company in Perth

Even the most avid green thumb can benefit from the expertise of a professional residential landscaping company. From setting up irrigation systems to installing raised garden beds, have confidence in a team of specialists that can bring your dream backyard to life. The addition of some landscape architecture can be exactly the thing you need to increase the appeal of your space with the most popular trends and functional designs for your space.