The client was looking for a lot of ‘wow factor’, providing a shade option in summer and enough light in winter.

Design outline

This was a newly-constructed home. We were approached by the client and their architect to create an unusual garden that symbolised the client’s passion and reflected their lifestyle as a regular traveller. At the front of the home we used a mix of native plants, and for the back we built a Mediterranean mix-planting courtyard with a shade tree – providing a shade option in summer and enough light in winter.

The client was looking for a lot of ‘wow factor’. Working in collaboration with award-winning landscape architect, Jean-Clement Printemps, we approached the design concept using all natural elements such as natural stone, pebbles and corten metal, to blend the front garden with the house colour, per the architectural drawings. All the plants used in the front were natives, as the front garden receives constant sunlight and wind from the river.

Overcoming job challenges

One of the main challenges was working in a small front garden, in a newly-built house. The other was to deliver the finished product at the same time as the house handover. The landscape contractor did an amazing job, and worked really well with the builder to overcome all challenges.

Key features of the design and their function

We created floating concrete steppers leading to the main house entrance. By using concrete, the steps were formed on site into a variety of shapes and sizes to create a ‘floating’ illusion. The plants we included will eventually take over and soften the concrete steps, blending them in naturally with the garden.

The stone we used for the driveway was amazing. This was the first time this stone has been used in WA on a driveway this long, and it was a success. Another key feature – the cladding raised garden bed – also displays a good stone selection, with texture carefully chosen to soften the area without overpowering the other elements and materials used.

The courtyard cobblestone was used to create the Mediterranean feeling the client wanted, and when all of the planted shrubs mature, the area will be an amazing space to spend under the tree canopy during summer.

Stand-out features of the project

The floating steppers at the front entrance of the home. Even though a lot of concrete was involved, we made sure it didn’t overpower the site. The client was very happy, and said they and their guests find the steps a really nice way to access the house.

The favourite feature of the client is the front garden. They said as it’s always exciting to see, and it makes a nice entrance statement when you drive or walk in.

Carrying out the project

Finalising the design took 4 months. The design project started half way through the construction of the home, which worked out ideally. Building and landscape construction took 4 weeks.