Why Do Residential Landscaping?

A landscaping project can enhance your lifestyle and elevate your enjoyment of the outdoors, but also add value to your property and improve the appeal of your home. At Waterwise Landscaping, we specialise in residential landscaping in Perth, We work closely to design and construct a purposefully built environment that unlocks your home’s hidden potential.

Choosing to undertake a residential landscaping project is an important investment in your property. By engaging a full-service landscaping company, your front or backyard is transformed with unique features that increase the value and street appeal of your home. Specializing in landscape supplies and services in Perth, we bring vibrancy and freshness to any residential property. We inject colour and texture with an innovative variety of grasses, plants and succulents. Complemented by quality stonework, concrete, paving and decking.

Residential Landscaping Packages

Our landscaping Packages

Front or Back Yard

Front and Back Yard


Reticulation and Turf





Deluxe Best Value

Basic Package
and Paving






Basic + Deluxe Packages
and Hardscaping





*All packages are priced on the assumption that the area to be landscaped is a clean, level and vegetation-free site. Price will differ depending on the size of the area and requirement to get the site to the aforementioned clean, level and vegetation-free standard.

Our expertise covers:

Sustainable Residential Landscape Design

By creating sustainable, low-maintenance residential landscape designs, we strive to make life easier for both you and the environment. Our team of specialists can help you realise your vision for a beautiful landscape. Waterwise ensure it is still easy to care for all year round – leaving you the time to enjoy the lifestyle only your ideal outdoor space can provide.

Discover our residential landscaping services

If you are looking for landscaping companies in Perth for your residential landscaping or home garden work, look no further than Waterwise Landscaping. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing top-quality services that prioritise water conservation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.