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Increase value of your residential property through landscaping

A rewarding home is a place where you love to spend time. Whether this means playing outside with your children or soaking up the sunshine over a BBQ with friends, a beautiful outdoor space brings a lot of love to any house.

Personal enjoyment, however, may not be the most important result of beautifying your backyard through residential landscaping. Did you know an appealing outside space can significantly increase the value of your property? 

The addition of a well designed exterior space is the perfect way to showcase its potential, with a stylish and purposefully built garden or patio setting working to increase its appeal and present a visually appealing home – just what new buyers are looking for!

Small details add substantial value

It’s been shown that a well-landscaped property has a compelling advantage in regards to price to similar homes with an unkempt yard. While it may seem easy to plant a few flowers and hope for the best, this relates to professional landscaping with custom designs for that specific space. Experts have the ability to enhance the freshness and overall vibrancy of a home, adding colour, texture, and visual pathways via well laid out gardens.

Buyers have a better eye for aesthetic details than ever before. The addition of stunning, eco-friendly grounds by an experienced residential landscaping company provides a significant ‘leg up’ on the competition, whether it comes in the form of a softscaping overhaul, perfectly manicured lawns and shrubbery, or a beautiful walled garden complete with pathways and chic design details.

Consistent residential landscaping

While many homeowners are pretty adept at general upkeep, from mowing the lawns to raking leaves, it can be hard to create an attractive backyard in the colder months. Experts who work at residential landscaping services are masters at enhancing an outdoor space regardless of season, whether that’s showcasing autumnal colours or adding evergreens in winter. 

It is the consistency of quality outdoor care that can make the difference between a nice yard, and a stunning one. Whether you’re looking for new landscaping approaches to increase the value of your home, or need an urgent makeover before selling your home, Waterwise’s residential landscapers can tackle any size yard, any time of year.

Match styles for ultimate curb appeal

One fantastic way to increase the value of a house is to create an overall look and feel, connecting both the exterior of the house (and the interiors, naturally) and the outdoor landscaping to result in a visually pleasing home. 

Buyers can be fickle, and often miss the hidden potential a great house has to offer. Rather than wait for them to catch on, it’s best to create an attractive experience with oodles of curb appeal that will impress them the moment they look at your property. 

A trusted residential landscaping company will ensure there are no clashing styles or unattractive colour schemes – contemporary designs for modern homes, and classic looks for more ornate properties.

Opt for sustainable landscaping

One sure fire way to both increase the value of your property and catch the interest of potential buyers is to include sustainable residential landscape design in your outdoor space. The focus on eco-friendly processes has continued to grow in almost all sectors, and residential landscaping is no different, showing buyers that longevity has been factored into the design plans, as well as consideration for the environment and native plantlife.

Waterwise is an established provider of sustainable landscaping here in WA, incorporating multiple important practices into our daily workload wherever possible. As the name suggests, Waterwise is extremely water conscious, and proud to offer efficient reticulation systems that adhere to WA’s vital water restrictions. 

The best way to create a sutabilble garden is by using a multyuidue of native plants, perfectly suited to our hot climate and sandy soil. Appropriate grasses and plants are the focus of complimentary layouts, where you can entertain year-round without forgoing its beautiful style.

Finding a reliable residential landscaping company

Sustainability also leads to minimal maintenance, making Waterwise the perfect choice to create a stunning-yet-practical design that will entice any savvy home buyer on today’s market. The wealth of local knowledge brought by experienced residential landscaping services is unmatched, whether you have a new build with a cosy garden or a large-scale property with renovations of the front and back gardens.

The expertise brought by creating enhanced, ecologically-friendly landscapes since 2007 means both the quality equipment and skilled tradespeople are available to transform your home’s outdoor space. Services include:

  • Architecture and design
  • Horticulture landscaping (flora)
  • Irrigation
  • Patio and decking 
  • Hardscaping 
  • Maintenance
  • Clean up and waste removal

Leading residential landscaping services from Waterwise

Working with leading experts in sustainable residential landscaping at Waterwise has the ability to significantly increase the value of your home, showcasing its inherent beauty to potential buyers.
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