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How to Prepare a Commercial Landscape for Winter?

Winter is coming. If you manage or own a commercial property in Perth, now is the time to start prepping your landscape for the upcoming winter months. If you don’t, there is a very high chance your landscaping could face troubles withstanding the harsh cold temperatures that are about to hit in the months ahead.

So, we have rounded up some pointers that can help you ensure your lawn is at its healthiest for the colder months:

  1. Fix Bare Patches

Excess shade, pet urine or frequent wear and tear, among other reasons can make your lawn bare and patchy. Fall is a good time to fix your commercial landscaping in Perth. Before you tend to the bare spots, get to the root cause of it. Once you have identified the issue, you can sow grass seeds in the affected area or replace the bare patch by transplanting grass from other areas of the lawn.

  1. Don’t Forget Fall Mulch

Mulch helps retain the moisture in your landscape soil and prevents it from being washed away by the rain. It protects your plant’s roots through the thaw and freeze cycles all winter. It also keeps unwanted weeds from sprouting in your garden and insulates the soil so earthworms can stay active longer and improve the soil’s quality. If your commercial landscape uses mulch around your garden beds, now is the time to turn over your current layer using a shovel, garden rake or pitchfork.

  1. Tend to Leaf Litter and Debris

Fall marks the beginning of leaves shedding off from trees. This means more leaf litter and debris accumulation on your lawn. If you don’t tend to this, the litter can prevent your lawn from getting the much-needed sunlight. Plus, it can become a breeding ground for insects and fungus. Take timely notice when leaves begin to pile up. You can collect them and use them as compost or mulch.

  1. Wrap Your Shrubs and Trees

If you have planted new shrubs or trees on your commercial property in the last 3 years, it is time to shelter their base. Before the temperatures fall below freezing, wrapping the trunks of your shrubs with burlap can ensure their longevity. Specialized wrapping material acts as a wind barrier and reduces the chances of salt damage to the roots of your shrubbery and trees.

  1. A Great Time to Trim

Colder months can make your plants dormant so it is likely you won’t need to trim them as often as you would during warmer weather. It presents the best time to prune any overgrown branches in your lawn. Check for any dead trees and branches that need to be taken out. This saves you from any unforeseen accidents.

Closing Thoughts

Schedule landscape maintenance with Waterwise Landscaping, a commercial landscaping company in Perth to ensure your lawn stays strong during winter.

Preparing your commercial landscape for winter can get overwhelming. We hope the above pointers can help you to keep your property looking great all year long. If you think garden landscaping and maintenance could help or Need more solutions? Read our latest blogs here.