residential landscaping

How to get the most out of your front yard

The front yard is the first thing people see when they visit your home and should provide insight into the rest of your home – leaving a lasting and positive first impression. Most residential homes in Perth don’t have big fences surrounding their front gardens so Waterwise Landscaping ensures they bring innovation and beauty to the residential landscapes in Perth.  With so many options and designs for front yards, research is key to knowing what you want and how to get it without breaking the bank. 

One of the biggest things you’ll find said about home renovations is the importance of function and this is just as important for your front yard. While you might start by simply heading to your local Bunnings and buying all the brightest flowers you can find, it’s important to create a plan and start with a theme to build from. Here are some of the most important tips to ensure your front yard reaches its potential. 


When planning your front landscape, consider how function and style can work together. Plan out, from a birds eye view, how your front yard will be structured, including the pathways that will lead to the front door, that you can upgrade to an attractive feature with hardscaping. Planting beds should also be drawn out and run along the front or your home or create a border around your yard to extend the space. Planning ahead will also allow you to figure out how potential shade or privacy screens or covers can fit into the space. 

Decide on a Theme

One of the most important things to decide on first is colour schemes, climate requirements, pathway designs and plants and greenery you’ll want to include. A theme will keep the area consistent and cohesive. Plan how you want the yard to flow and think about the way you want your guests to feel when they’re in this space. If you want to have an even more cohesive and standout front yard, consider upgrading the paint job on the front of the house to match the theme of the front yard. 

Plants & Greenery

You should first consider where you live and the climate requirements and quality of the soil in your area to understand your plant options. Perth landscapes need to sustain hot, dry summers and Waterwise Landscaping adheres to Western Australia’s water restrictions which takes the pressure off you when it comes time to water plants or organise irrigation and watering systems. 

Trees are great focal points and can elevate the look of your front yard with minimal effort maintenance. Opt for one or two trees and stick with a few options of shrubs and perennials throughout the rest of the yard. Using the same plants will keep the space feeling cohesive. 


When adding features, remember the theme. Decorative pieces can be a focal point of your yard and bring the space to life. Adding attractive pieces including water features, an outdoor swing or a raised garden bed, can elevate the space but remember to only add things that will compliment the space, not just create a cluttered look. 


Landscaping can be a time consuming and costly undertaking, but it will add to the appeal and the value of your home. Maintenance is a crucial aspect of landscaping to ensure the time and money you put into it doesn’t go to waste when your flowers die and your guests have to walk through knee high grass to get to your front door. Waterwise has earned a reputation as a landscaping company in Perth for top quality residential landscaping and can complete each part of your landscaping project, from the landscape architecture and design, to the ongoing maintenance.