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Do I Need a Landscape Architect or Designer?

A landscape architect can do many things to take residential landscaping to the next level. A landscape architect is responsible for planning and executing structures – in both large and small residential areas. They handle both the hard and soft materials. They are also responsible for planning campuses and can create office parks as well as public parks. A landscape architect can also design residential estates. They also deal with civil infrastructure and are the right person to help you reclaim landscapes. Landscape designers are not required to have formal education in landscape architecture. Their responsibilities vary according to their experience and knowledge.

What does a landscape architect do?

A landscape architect is the person who examines, plans as well as manages natural environments. They are responsible for presenting master plans. They also come up with concepts from which they prepare a complete detailed design and technical drawings.

A landscape architect must possess a degree in landscape architecture. He or she is expected to have strong expertise in the subject of landscape architecture and must be an expert on the subject. They must also know the right way to create things with few working materials. A landscape architect designs outdoor spaces and must have a license to operate.

What does a landscape designer do?

Landscape designers on the other hand do not need to possess any degree. Their main goal is to make the landscape more beautiful. The landscape is normally located on a private property or in a residence. His or her main aim is to discuss things like the natural materials that need to be used. They will also discuss with clients things like the plants that are to be planted. In addition, they need to discuss things like your pool, outdoor space as well as lighting and walls. Landscape designers do not require any degree like a landscape architect requires. They can be self-employed, or they could be working for a landscaping company. Their main responsibilities include setting organizational meetings with the client to completely understand the project requirements. They also make three-dimensional models and will review the drawings to ensure they are accurate.

Differences between landscape architects and designers

The bottom line is that a landscape architect requires a degree whereas the landscape designer does not require any certification. Landscape architects work on large and public projects while landscape designers work on residential and small projects. Landscape architects handle more complex projects while landscape designers handle transactional projects. Finally, landscape architects are considered to be experts in their field whereas landscape designers are not.

Are you still unsure about whether you need a landscape architect or landscape designer? A landscape architect designs mostly public outdoor spaces and gardens. They prepare plans and sketches as well as concepts for you. A landscape designer, on the other hand, is multi-skilled and can build your decks, pergolas as well as BBQs. They can also build the paving and retaining walls as well as pools.

Ideally, you should hire a landscape architect if you are working on a large public project. A landscape designer is the person you should work with on a residential or small project.

Now that you know why you need a landscape architect, be sure to get in touch with good Landscape Architecture services in Perth. For all your landscape designer requirements be sure to get in touch with a good Landscape Design Perth Company.