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Can Landscaping Improve Productivity

It’s almost impossible to avoid falling into a monotonous and uninspired routine when your outdoor work environment is void of commercial landscaping and the only green plants you can see are the fake ferns in the far corner of the office. But can landscaping improve productivity? Workplaces are demanding creativity and innovation more than ever, but such creativity requires an energy-boosting space to match.

Staring at a computer screen for hours under bad fluorescents is the fastest way to rob you of your creativity and motivation. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light is directly linked to feeling happier and more productive and employees feel more motivated when their work environment offers a space with greenery or a unique landscape. A carefully curated outdoor commercial landscape from a leading landscaping company in Perth can reignite passion and bring energy back into the team and office. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in an innovative workspace.

Commercial landscapes can reduce stress and mental strain

A 2010 study by the University of Technology showed a 37% decrease in tension and anxiety and a 15% increase in productivity simply by adding a few plants to their workspace. Imagine the drastic impact a lush garden space, or paved bike trail could make by using our commercial landscaping services. 

Quality garden landscaping can promote collaboration and team building

Working in a dark, dreary office can quickly deplete energy levels and result in short fuses and grumpy coworkers, putting a strain on workplace relationships. Having an area where individuals can enjoy their own time and de-stress creates a less hostile work environment. When people feel at ease they are more open to interactions which enables positive communication and team collaborations. Instead of organising team building retreats employees reluctantly participate in, these shared spaces facilitate natural team bonding. 

Natural light Improves creativity and concentration

A 2007 study showed a 20% increase in memory retention and improved concentration when more natural light was introduced into the space and plants were added. A healthy environment engages and motivates employees which leads to higher job satisfaction and employee retention. 

Physical health benefits can result from well garden landscaping

Trails and paths give employees and employers the opportunity to keep active and move around during the day after sitting at a desk, alleviating physical strain. Exposure to nature and sunlight influences how an individual assesses their wellbeing, and it’s been found that employees are less likely to develop stress and exhaustion related sickness which reduces absenteeism. 

By creating a new innovative landscaping design to improve productivity, the workplace becomes more appealing and attractive to potential hires and job applicants. Investing in unique designs and architecture shows you’re investing in your employees and their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Evolve your work environment and into a space that employees desire and be inspired. Waterwise Landscaping, the leading environmentally conscious landscaping company in Perth, is dedicated to adding beauty and value to every project. With our cost effective commercial landscaping and maintenance services, coupled with our award winning architects, full-scale transformations are an enquiry away.