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Backyard Landscaping Ideas

The beautiful weather here in WA makes backyards an enticing extension of our homes, providing a safe space for everyone to enjoy. If you thrive on making the most of your garden but it’s in need of an upgrade, you’ve come to the right place!

Experts in residential landscaping at Waterwise on hand to create a unique design suited to your specific needs, introducing gorgeous plants and sustainable materials to unlock your yard’s full potential.

The value of quality residential landscaping

Gone are the days of a cookie cutter yard, with a dry patch of grass and a worn fence. The immense possibilities for your garden are endless, with unique, creative features available to suit any size and style of backyard.

Your home is meant to be lived in, and custom landscaping renovations create a welcoming space for entertaining and spending quality family time. As experts in sustainable, low maintenance yards, Waterwise are the perfect partners for creating a practical-yet-attractive garden to enjoy with ease.

Inspiring landscaping tips

While there are a million and one design options to consider when creating your dream garden, from material choices and decorative colour schemes, to swimming pools and outdoor kitchens, there are a few basic sections to focus on for quality residential landscaping.

Quality decking and paving 

Durable paving stones are a long-lasting way to add a clear layout to your yard, helping guide foot traffic while directing the eye through your beautifully designed garden. Add gravel paths for low-fuss design, or create round spaces lined by paving for welcoming visuals led by softer shapes.

When it comes to decking, focusing on quality materials is key. Given the hot weather here in WA, it’s likely a lot of time will be spent lounging under shade on the deck. Any yard used for entertaining should opt for tough, native woods that bring durability in a wide range of attractive finishes and tones.

Choosing the right plants

A scorching climate makes it imperative to choose suitable plants to compliment your new landscape design. A luscious garden of flowers is beautiful if you’re happy to maintain it, otherwise it is important to work with experts in sustainable landscaping renovations who can advise on suitable, low maintenance plants.

For a natural, restful and inviting space, think colourful succulents and subtropical plants, as well as native trees and wildflowers.

Eco-friendly designs

Installing a landscape suitable for dry climates it’s a must for most Perth homes. Practical designs that need minimal watering include a welcoming fire pit, attractive stepping stones, native plants, and space-efficient raised garden beds.

The importance of working with eco-friendly landscaping experts

Stunning-yet-sustainable landscaping renovations are well within your reach. Experts at Waterwise are a dab hand at creating aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance designs that require minimal water usage. 

As well as saving on water bills and creating an eco-friendly space, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful yard full of native plants, minimal weeds, and a calming feel.

Stunning backyard designs from Waterwise

As leading environmentally-conscious landscapers here in Perth, Waterwise are focused on delivering beautiful residential designs that raise its value, while reducing the impact on our climate.

Contact us today to discuss premium, eco-friendly landscaping needs for your home or business.