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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Trees For Your Residential Landscape in Perth

Nothing transforms an outdoor space like the right tree, bringing natural elegance and an inviting atmosphere. To create a sustainable and long-term landscape it’s important to choose the right trees to suit your available space, personal tastes, and functional requirements.

The beauty of trees is they can last a lifetime, so it’s worthwhile researching the ideal tree for your outdoor space when utilising expert residential landscaping services. Taking both practical and aesthetic considerations into account, you can find the right native Perth trees to positively impact your garden’s attractive new design; read on to learn more. 

1. Focus on functional or aesthetic residential landscaping 

Do you have a vast garden where space is no issue? Or does your cosy yard need a handful of trees to increase privacy? Determining the main desired outcome of your exciting residential landscaping redesign will help clarify the right trees for your home, whether that’s a focus on leafy trees for shade or luscious variations that add pops of colour and attract plenty of wildlife.

2. Determine how much space you have for trees

Different types of trees take up varying amounts of space, making it imperative to clarify exactly how much room you have to give to growing trees. It may seem ideal to include a large tree to keep the garden cool with ample shade, but over time it could overpower the space and need to be removed.

When first acquiring residential landscaping services be sure to discuss long-term considerations for tree selections with experienced local landscapers. 

3. Take falling leaves and root systems into account

It can be easy to get distracted by a beautiful Jacaranda or stunning Jarrah but don’t forget to consider the practical elements of planting large trees. If you decide on a tree type with plenty of falling leaves or pine needles it’s best to place them away from the gutters and swimming pools to avoid blocked drains or damage. Trees with elongated, strong roots can cause havoc to plumbing, paving, and drainage so it’s best to plant them far from key development zones.

If you’re set on having a low-maintenance landscape, speak to the professional landscapers at Waterwise about the ideal trees for clean, mess-free yards.

4. Add value with native trees

Attractive and sustainable professional landscaping can significantly raise the value of your property, especially when it includes stunning, low-maintenance native trees. As well as being highly complementary to the surrounding environment, native plants require less water and are therefore highly eco-friendly. 

5. Work with an experienced local residential landscaping company

Unless you’re tree obsessed, it’s unlikely you’ll have the in-depth local plant and tree knowledge held by experienced Perth landscapers. Working with a trusted residential landscaping company will not only ensure superior results for both functionality and aesthetics but help you find the perfect tree choice for the West Australian climate to complement your garden for years to come. 

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