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5 reasons why you should not maintain your residential landscape on your own

Creative landscaping company can completely transform any outdoor space, but the process takes a lot more than simply having good taste. As much as someone may love selecting flowers and colour schemes, quality landscaping requires in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to create a healthy, enduring garden suited to the surrounding environment. 

Learn more about the power of expert landscaping, and key reasons it’s not recommended to carry out ongoing maintenance yourself.

Why is DIY residential landscaping a risk?

There’s a wide range of considerations when selecting plants and trees for a new landscape design, from complimentary soils and weather conditions to ground stability and the surrounding environment. Having a unique vision for your new outdoor space is fantastic, but making this dream a reality is another story. 

Acquiring professional residential landscaping services brings your ideas to life, with the added benefits of local knowledge, expertise, and much more:

1. Poor long-term planning

Without the right planning experience, it’s difficult to develop a landscape on your own that has guaranteed long-term success. Professionals in residential landscaping remove the risks encountered by inexperienced planning, minimising disruptions and mess.

2. Choosing the wrong plants

Just because it looks beautiful does not mean it’s the right plant, tree or shrub for your home. Environmental factors like soil, risk of disease, high-maintenance requirements, and water usage are all important to consider – extensive knowledge of native plants held by Perth landscapers can be invaluable.

3. Insufficient budgeting

Hiring inexperienced landscapers may seem like an affordable choice, but gardeners with little local knowledge can end up costing you far more in the long run. Opting for knowledgeable residential landscaping services means staying within the designated budget, with detailed estimates and insightful recommendations that match your needs.

4. Slow workflow

One of the main issues encountered by DIY landscapers is poor time management. Operating to a slow, ineffective workflow due to a lack of time and experience often results in ditched plans, unsuccessful garden projects, and poor results. 

5. Minimal soil and environment knowledge

Determining essential environmental factors before starting your new landscaping project is critical. From steep slopes to risks of soil erosion, there are many potential threats to the ongoing safety and functionality of your home and garden that an experienced landscaping team can effectively analyse and rectify to the highest standards.

The benefits of hiring a residential landscaping company

Planning a beautiful residential landscape and selecting the right plants and trees is not just an aesthetic choice. Working with experienced residential landscaping providers means accessing a wealth of knowledge about the long-term effects of choosing certain plants, from ongoing maintenance to impacting nature:

  • Niche expertise
  • Efficient project planning and execution from start to finish
  • Inspiring insight to create a unique landscape design
  • Experience with local soils and ecosystems
  • Knowledge of local planning laws
  • Connections to surrounding businesses
  • A long-term investment, with strict budget adherence
  • Peace of mind, and a beautiful garden!

Choose sustainable, local experience with Waterwise

Waterwise is a leading residential landscaping company specialising in ecologically-friendly, sustainable, and water-conscious landscapes for the homes and businesses of Perth.

Get in touch today to discuss booking residential landscaping services, or to enquire about the wide range of available options; from horticulture and landscape architecture to irrigation and ongoing maintenance.