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5 Ideas To Transform Your Residential Property With Landscaping

Attractive landscaping is a guaranteed way to boost your home’s curb appeal. In today’s competitive housing market it pays to have a beautiful eco-friendly garden, especially when it comes to Perth’s outdoor-obsessed population. 

Giving your property an edge with appealing landscaping means impressing potential buyers, whether you’re looking to sell next week or next year. Quality residential landscaping is a reliable investment, regardless if you’re looking to enhance an existing house or a recently purchased new home. 

Discover key ways to increase the value of your property through transformative residential landscaping, and how to create aesthetic appeal to convince buyers to pay that premium price.

Invest in a healthy lawn

A well-maintained lawn is one the first things people see when they look at a home. As well as significantly increasing the property’ curb appeal – allowing it to stand out from the competition – it conveys the positive message to expect the same quality inside the house.

Attractive landscaping starts with a healthy, mowed lawn, and the best part is this is the easiest and most affordable way to transform your property. Acquiring experienced residential landscaping services means having consistent lawn maintenance that will pay immense dividends over time, with no weeds and neat grass elevating your yard to a place of beauty and relaxation.

Sustainable lawn care

A well-cared for lawn is vital to looking nice (or better!) than neighbouring homes, so don’t put off potential buyers by neglecting your grass. If you are interested in adding a fresh lawn or revitalising a damaged yard, speak to the knowledgeable team at Waterwise Landscaping about effective, eco-friendly options for your property.

Plant trees in the right places

One of the most transformative ways to uplift your home’s exterior is planting trees. Whether you are looking to live in the property long term, entice reliable renters, or sell your home at a premium price, one the most attractive landscaping methods is adding more trees.

Trees add immense value, driving up the property’s value as a long-term investment that literally continues to grow over time. Stunning trees have many practical advantages, wth these visually appealing additions providing practical shade ideal for those hot Perth summers. 

Before planting, it’s recommended to consult with an experienced residential landscaping team to ensure they are grown in the right places. It’s important to avoid planting trees too close to the house, driveway, or septic systems, where tree roots and falling branches can cause costly issues.

Create an attractive entranceway

A great first impression has to start right at the home’s entry. Creating an aesthetically-pleasing walkway up to the property should be an essential part of quality residential landscaping services, making great use of a practical access way to create appealing ambiance.

Buyers can be fickle, so if you’re looking to transform your residential space for a sale it’s important to catch their eye as soon as they arrive. Utilise quality paving materials for a  well-laid out front yard, with flowers or plants on either side as well as subtle lighting features for easy nighttime navigation. 

Consider incorporating native plants and a suitably efficient irrigation system, appealing to sustainably-focused buyers looking for a low maintenance design ideal for Perth’ hot weather. 

Look after your plants with reliable irrigation

We all want a stunning landscape design surrounding our home, but not everyone can be dedicated to the required upkeep. Including a reliable irrigation system is the perfect means to look after your yard in a consistent manner, adding immense value to the property for the right potential buyer.

Installing a dependable reticulation system saves plenty of time on watering and maintenance, but it can also save a lot of water too. Working with a sustainable residential landscaping company means having suitable irrigation for WA’s water restrictions, giving your plants the moisture they need without ridiculously high water bills. 

Choose eco-friendly landscaping

In order to use Perth’s warm weather to its best advantage, it’s worthwhile choosing eco-friendly residential landscaping services that specialise in suitable plants, grasses, and succulents for drier climates.

Waterwise are dedicated to sustainable residential landscaping design, using far-reaching experience with the West Australian climate to create practical and visually stunning results full of texture and colour. Native plants and materials suited to the soil and climate are ideal for a beautiful yard, with the all-important benefit of minimal ongoing maintenance. 

Transformative residential landscaping with Waterwise

Waterwise are Perth’s leading sustainable residential landscaping company, known for consistently outstanding outdoor transformations for both small and large scale renovations, as well as those preparing your property for sale, 

From paving and stonework to beautiful horticultural landscaping, Waterwise are knowledgeable in all areas of residential services, from the initial design and to final construction touches.
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