Backyard Landscaping Ideas

The beautiful weather here in WA makes backyards an enticing extension of our homes, providing a safe space for everyone to enjoy. If you thrive on making the most of your garden but it’s in need of an upgrade, you’ve come to the right place! Experts in residential landscaping at Waterwise on hand to create… Continue reading Backyard Landscaping Ideas

What Does Commercial Landscaping Involve

The inherent value in finding a quality, dependable commercial landscaper is their ability to do it all. From redesigning your outdoor space while incorporating eco-friendly practices, to efficient installation and regular upkeep whenever you need, premium commercial landscaping has transformative abilities. Operating as a versatile, and adaptable, commercial landscaping service is a far cry from… Continue reading What Does Commercial Landscaping Involve

Add Value With Commercial Landscaping

In today’s competitive commerce environment, it’s vital to stand apart from your rivals. So while it may seem at odds to your company’s conscientious spending habits, investing in superior commercial landscaping can have a transformative effect on your sales conversion rates. As well as adding property value, landscaping at your commercial business can attract and… Continue reading Add Value With Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping For Your New Home

Waterwise Landscaping are the leading residential landscaping company in Perth. Not only creating beautiful areas to entertain all year, but areas that are as sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are a full-service company and can handle your project from beginning to end to make completing your project as easy as possible. We specialize in new… Continue reading Landscaping For Your New Home

Be Waterwise: Cut your costs and Save the Planet

Perth is Australia’s driest major city, which makes being waterwise with your residential landscaping a necessity. Let’s explore a few ways in which we can cut costs with sustainable landscaping, from installing a reticulation system at home to being aware of when to water your garden and when to conserve.   Installing an effective reticulation system… Continue reading Be Waterwise: Cut your costs and Save the Planet

Can Landscaping Improve Productivity

It’s almost impossible to avoid falling into a monotonous and uninspired routine when your outdoor work environment is void of commercial landscaping and the only green plants you can see are the fake ferns in the far corner of the office. But can landscaping improve productivity? Workplaces are demanding creativity and innovation more than ever,… Continue reading Can Landscaping Improve Productivity

Landscaping Design Ideas

Since 2007, Waterwise Landscaping has been designing gardens, and we’ve observed and implemented many landscaping trends and concepts. As a result of this, we have established ourselves as one of the leading landscaping companies in Perth, and we use every chance to demonstrate to clients why we are the finest in the industry. Updating your… Continue reading Landscaping Design Ideas