John & Reta Carleton

Reta and I wish to pass on our sincere thank you to Waterwise Landscaping for the excellent job at our new home. From assisting us with your advice and your willingness to take on board our design, especially in regard to the front of our home, and selecting the plants, it is best described as a team effort that was comprised of yourself, myself and Reta. It was a pleasure ‘working together’ with you.

However, special mention must go to Stewart and Nathan who did the work. We quickly learned that Stewart not only possesses great respect for his clients but his attention to detail meant we had very little need to query any aspect of the work done by himself and Nathan. Stewart was also most accommodating in the planting of the shrubs etc at the rear of our home and he kept us reasonably well-informed of his comings and goings. It became most evident that he takes a lot of pride in his work, and Reta and I believe that, just quietly, he was pretty proud of the landscaping job he had done at our place.

As for his offsider, Nathan, we also observed he was a diligent worker and happily took instructions from Stewart and followed them through to the letter. They are a great ‘team’ and we wish them all the very best for the future.

Last but not least, we have had some excellent complements from our immediate neighbours and passers-by regarding the landscaping, which again is a tribute to all involved in the final result. We also learned very recently that Stewart and Nathan haven’t been working this area long, as there had been comments made to us prior to the landscaping starting that the quality of workmanship performed by their predecessor/s was questionable.