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Landscaping To Entertain Outdoor All Year

With such amazing summer weather here in Perth, we’re all guilty of foregoing the outdoors in winter. The truth is that we actually have a fantastic climate year-round (give or take a few showers), and with a little adjusting your beloved outdoor area can become a haven for relaxing and entertaining with family and friends, no matter the season. 

While growing plants and gardening is a fantastic hobby for anyone, not everyone has the skills and ideas that a highly trained landscape designer can bring to the table. By working with an experienced landscaping company in Perth, you’re investing in your home and garden, and therefore your quality of life. 

Consider a covered area

No need to pack away your outdoor furniture for the winter! With a secure covered area such as a covered patio, pergola, or gazebo, you can easily create a cosy, comfortable space to enjoy throughout the winter months. 

Adding shelter as part of your exciting new residential landscaping project brings added benefits, on top of protecting you from the rain. A covered area adds shade during the sweltering summer months, and also gives you the option of adding an outdoor kitchen; both of which add value to your home or rented property. 

Add a fire feature

One of the smartest additions you can make when it comes to entertaining outdoors is a space to have a fire. These days there are so many options to choose from, and working with innovative landscaping experts in Perth like Waterwise ensures the best design for your space and budget.

A classic fire pit is great for all the family, perfect for making s’mores and spending time together while keeping warm. An outdoor brick fireplace can be life-changing for those with the space to incorporate one, and chimineas and free-standing stoves are perfect for creating a cosy, warm area in your backyard. 

Quality residential landscaping

Adding features as part of your garden landscaping project, be it a renovation or new home design, is a fun way to create a functional outdoor space year-round. Once you have chosen any new additions, be it a fire pit or covered patio, consider what plants will complement the space throughout autumn and into the winter months. 

It might seem natural to choose plants that can survive the hot summer months in WA, but don’t forget to plant some shrubs and trees that will add some beautiful areas of colour and warmth during colder times. In order to entertain outdoors in a way that’s conducive to longevity, be sure to work with a quality landscaping company in Perth. 

How Waterwise Landscaping can help you

As leading providers of premium residential landscaping services in Perth, the team at Waterwise Landscaping are best placed to design, advise, and implement an innovative landscaping creation that suits your needs. 

Focusing on sustainable and environmentally-friendly design, your new garden will have a reliable and long-lasting design, perfect for entertaining outdoors all year round. For more information on our landscaping services, or to request a free quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.